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Selecting the right company to perform your bill review responsibility is one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make for your Managed Care program. Given all of the marketing hype in the industry, making the right decision is most likely getting harder and harder. But here are the facts and this is what you should be evaluating.

Most bill review companies perform equally approximately 75% of the time because of the automated bill review program they use. It is the other 25% that you should focus your attention on when determining which company is best for you. Comprehensive Cost Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing that additional 25% by offering the following:

• Performance guarantee on turn-around time
• Excellent provider relations
• Highly skilled & experienced staff
• 24/7 help line
• Non-Fee Schedule review
• National PPO bridge
• Competitive pricing options

Our added value Bill Review Service using Jopari Solutions includes:

• E-Bill compliance
• All State Medical reporting requirements
• EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
• Online EOR remittance
• Online medical provider appeals process

Comprehensive Cost Solutions, Inc. has been very successful at this due to:

• The development of ManageWare, our proprietary software to manage our services, making us independent of third-party vendors like other bill review companies. This allows lower charges and faster responses to our clients.
• With a commitment to deliver superior service, the company has internally developed a system called CompFusion. This is a workflow system that allows each department to work as one, resulting in better service to the clients.


ManageWare Screenshots



Secure Login


Your user name and password is encrypted using high grade, 128-bit SSL security.

Production Dashboard


Our Production Dashboard provides quick access to monitor your workflow.

Auditing Screen


The Auditing Screen replaces manual paper auditing with the same workflow online.

PDF Bill Images


All paper bills are scanned in and can be accessed via PDF anytime.

Summary Report


Our one-click summary reports can be custom tailored to any data you need.

Client Dashboard


Our Client Dashboard provides user friendly data to analyze your operations.

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