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Having a Medical Provider Network can appear to be a great solution to your Managed Care program at the beginning. Then you are suddenly faced with a problem most people didn’t prepare for: “How to administer the MPN program after it has been approved?”

Performing the day to day activities of MPN administration can be a very daunting task if you do not possess the proper management tools. Many Third Party Administrator’s, Self-Insured Employers and Carriers did not anticipate the extra hours it would take answering incoming calls, sending out proper notices timely, tracking each claim, complying with the Transfer of Care requirements, etc…

The Solution…

ManageWare, a Managed Care software that was designed with integrated Bill Review services, Utilization Review management and Medical Provider Network administration into a single application or as a stand alone module based on the clients’ needs.

The MPN administration module can be utilized in two ways. The client can lease the module and maintain the MPN program themselves or outsource the responsibility to Comprehensive Cost Solutions, Inc. and utilize the module as a communication bridge to check on the status of each claim. Because this software is web based it does not take a lot of work to implement this solution into your workflow.

Some of the Features…

• A quick reference dash board
• Daily, weekly and monthly task reminders
• Online document upload
• Diary/Notes system
• Recorded timeline of State mandated requirements
• Tracking of multiple providers
• Easy to use functionality


• Documentation to support MPN requirements at the WCAB
• Reduced total administration hours & increased production
• Instant online MPN claim status and documentation
• 24/7 functionality


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